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Cirus Social Exotics VIP Membership is a private club that provides members with convenient access to the largest collection of the world’s greatest exotic and luxury car rentals right here in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada which includes private training events, VIP access to clubs. Super personal growth seminars sales marketing elite training which includes cryptocurrency classes.

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As a Vegas promoter, you have all the connections in our city. With an Ambassadors VIP Membership, your entire network can now get in on the luxury as well. Provide your clients and guests with the luxury experience they crave with our exotic car rentals. If you have a VIP Membership, they can access your perks with the mention of your name. Contact us at Cirus Social  to learn more about what it means to have the access to our entire fleet at your fingertips

We also offer an exclusive lifestyle experience in Honolulu, Hawaii which includes events such as, private hiking adventures, yacht tours, shopping sprees at duty free shops. Cirus Social membership includes access to all ClubCorp Hawaii locations.

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